Terms and Conditions

When using Online Money-Makers Exchange (OLMMX) services, you UNDERSTOOD and AGREE to the following terms and conditions:

1. Completed Payments. Once you have completed making the payment and OLMMX had completed the transfer to your Paypal account, the transaction is deemed FINAL and COMPLETE. A buyer can NO longer negotiate the refund of payments in whatever reason they view as valid. OLMMX reserves the right to not entertain buyers who fail to understand this No Return Policy when the transaction is ALREADY completed. OLMMX will only return full buyer's payment if the requested Paypal fund was not delivered WITHIN 24 hours.

2. Transfer to Unverified Paypal Accounts. OLMMX can and will transfer Paypal funds to unverified accounts. However, OLMMX will not be held liable for any actions that Paypal will undertake to a buyer's account as a result of the transfer. OLMMX will NOT apply for dispute if there is no valid reason to do so. No worries if a buyer had paid properly.

3. Privacy Policy. OLMMX protects the privacy of its buyers. Any information given during the transfer will NOT be disclosed to any other parties or be used in other ways other than for transaction. It is also expected from buyers to NOT disclose and use the personal information given to them during transactions other than for payment and communication purposes. This website uses Feedjit live traffic feed which logs the location, device used, browser used and time and date of every visitor. The log is visible to any visitor of this site.

4. OLMMX reserves the rights to change these Terms and Conditions without prior notice.

For questions and inquiries, you can contact OLMMX at the numbers at right side panel or you can send us an email here