About Online Money-Makers Exchange

Welcome to Online Money-Makers Exchange (OLMMX) where online money-makers can buy Paypal funds at a cheaper rate with no add-on fees. Online money-makers can exchange their cash with safety and guarantee.

The Webmaster and Owner:
I am a blogger and online earner known as Euan in the online earning industry. I am from Camarines Norte but currently residing in Quezon City. OLMMX was created as a desire to provide to those users who are in need of Paypal funds to monetize their online needs. Since my first blog was launched in 2008, I saw that internet money-earning is real and it opens opportunities to work-at-home jobs.

Where Do OLMMX Funds Came From?
The funds available from OLMMX is earned through verified websites such as:
1. Clixsense
2. Neobux
3. iPanel
4. PopAds
5. Infolinks

How is the Exchange Rate Computed?
USD to peso exchange rate in OLMXX uses the daily bank rate rounding UP to the nearest unit.

Sample: if the current bank rate is PhP44.25 or PhP44.80, OLMMX rate will be PhP45. OLMMX rate will be based here:

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