Buy Paypal Funds at Cheaper Rate, No Fees!

Do you need Paypal fund for your online transactions?
Online Money-Makers Exchange (OLMMX) offers the cheapest rate ever for buying Paypal funds.

Rate: $1.00= PhP45.00
Minimum Buy: $5
Maximum Buy: $150
*Rate subject to change based on current exchange rates.
*No other fees will be applied for transfer of funds.
*Bank fees for deposit/Transfer fee for SmartPadala or GCASH is shouldered by buyer.

How to Buy Paypal Funds?
1. Send a message to 0905-3653451 that you intend to buy Paypal funds. Please include the following details:
Hi! Buy Paypal, $Amount, Preferred Payment Method, Your Name, Location.
Sample text message to buy Paypal fund:
Hi! I want to Buy Paypal, $10, GCASH, Nico Robin, Quezon City
You can choose your payment method from the following:
paypal, payment method, gcash, smart padala, bdo, landbank, unionbank
GCASH, Smart Padala, BDO, Landbank, Unionbank

Note that Fees for deposit is shouldered by buyer, so choose the payment method below based on your location and convenience:
Landbank: NO deposit fee 

SmartPadala: at least PhP10 per PhP1000 (depends on the SmartPadala outlet)
GCASH: at least PhP10 per PhP1000 sent (rate depends on the GCASH outlet)
BDO: deposit fee of PhP50 (our branch is at Camarines Norte)
UnionBank: no deposit fee for NCR residents. PhP50 for those outside NCR.

2. Wait for the confirmation of your request. You will receive a reply message from 0905-3653451 regarding your request. Included in that message is the details on where you can deposit the money payment and the amount (in pesos) you need to send.

3. Deposit/Send the money through your indicated payment method and send a message at 0905-3653451 informing us your completed payment. We will check with our bank and we will send you the Paypal funds in US Dollars as personal payment once we confirm your payment. Include the following details when confirming your payment:
Hi again! Payment sent, PhP Amount, Payment Method Used, Your Paypal Email Address.
Sample text to send once payment is completed:
Hi again! Payment sent, PhP1000, GCASH,
4. Check your Paypal account to confirm the fund transfer. The amount will surely be there. If it is not there within one hour, send us a follow-up message.

Time length of transfer will depend on the time you sent your payment.

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